Jerry Maguire

Watch List: Power Couples


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Country Listing:USA
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Director(s):Cameron Crowe


When high-powered pro sports agent Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) has a life-altering moral epiphany, he pours his heart out in a company-wide memo that immediately gets him fired. His only hope is to start up his own management firm in a hurry, and he manages to convince one faithful staffer to jump ship with him (Renée Zellweger). As they struggle to spin a successful agency out of a single, hilariously demanding client (Cuba Gooding Jr.), the two fall head over heels for each other—but balancing love and business isn’t so simple. Jerry Maguire ranks with Almost Famous and Fast Times at Ridgemont High as Cameron Crowe’s most compelling work, marrying the lightness of a romantic comedy with the intensity of a sports drama. Zellweger’s turn as single mom Dorothy is effortlessly endearing and Cruise shines at his megawatt best.

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The new specially-curated Watch List: Power Couples expands on the themes of doc-of-the-summer Fire of Love, highlighting stories of iconic movie duos who are partners in love and life.

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