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Watch List: Power Couples


Film Info
Country Listing:USA
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Mike Nichols


Gay couple Armand and Albert (Robin Williams and Nathan Lane) have built the perfect life for themselves in a feather-boa-strewn apartment above their raucous South Beach drag club. But when their son gets engaged to the daughter of an ultra-conservative Republican senator, they agree to mount the performance of their lives and pose as straight in order to host a dinner with the in-laws. Armand and Albert’s reluctant journey back into the closet comes with all the camp, caricature and loopiness one could hope for, and as the effeminate, melodramatic Albert, Lane holds his own against Williams’ larger-than-life screen presence. While undeniably over the top, their relationship has moments of genuine pathos and tenderness that make them an indisputable choice for the Fire of Love watch list.

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The new specially-curated Watch List: Power Couples expands on the themes of doc-of-the-summer Fire of Love, highlighting stories of iconic movie duos who are partners in love and life.

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