Watch List: The Price of Murder
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Country Listing:United Kingdom
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Director(s):Todd Haynes


A heartbreaking masterpiece of a love story and a masterclass in sexual tension, Carol won over 100 film awards and honours and garnered a ten-minute standing ovation at its premiere in Cannes. The film is adapted from Patricia Highsmith’s 1952 pulp novella The Price of Salt, which was originally published under a pseudonym until Highsmith claimed authorship 38 years later. Unprecedented for its time, it’s the story of a clandestine affair between a 20-year-old shopgirl and a sophisticated married woman (played in Carol by Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett). As they become more and more entangled in an unspoken passion for one other, their futures—and fractured relationships—hang in the balance. Mara and Blanchett both give electrifying performances of love and longing, set against a postcard-perfect backdrop of Manhattan at Christmastime.

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