The Pawnshop

  • a man and a woman in fur sitting on a couch
  • a woman in fur with a blowtorch
  • two men blowing up balloons


Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Mon, Sep 11 4:00 PM
Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema Tue, Sep 12 6:45 PM
Film Info
Country Listing:Poland
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Lukasz Kowalski


Jola and Wiesiek, a pair of eccentric businesspeople from Bytom, run what is likely the biggest pawnshops in Europe together with their three employees. However, the time of its glory has passed with the closure of nearby mines and growing unemployment in the city. Deprived of a livelihood, the inhabitants of "Polish Detroit" pawn increasingly absurd and useless objects. Neither Wiesiek's crazy marketing ideas nor Jola's tender heart can help the failing business. She supports her clients not only with a kind word but also with hot soup or a warm blanket. Although the pawnshop brings losses, it becomes an important center of life for the local community. Soon, however, it finds itself on the brink of bankruptcy and Jola and Wiesiek's relationship is put to the test. With disaster looming, the owners make one last attempt to save their business and their love.

In Polish with English subtitles.

Tickets: $15 (Members from $10)

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