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Tuesdays, September 26 - November 7, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Everyone knows Parisians appreciate the finer things in life, from good food to elegant architecture and exquisitely tailored clothing. But how did they get that way? Why did the swampy city of Paris become a global centre for fashion, design and aesthetics, with ripple effects on everything from food to urban planning?

In this new series from Paris-based writer and Curious Minds favourite Lisa Pasold (Inventing Modern Paris, Rebel Paris), we’ll explore how Parisians created a see-and-be-seen stylish city. Paris sets an international standard, not just for how we dress, but for many other aspects of urban life today: from the look of our streets and our buildings, to how we eat and drink. We’ll explore how the City of Light has defined what it means to be “cultured,” “sophisticated” and “chic,” giving the world a template for a rich and meaningful life.

Led by Lisa Pasold, a Governor General’s Award–nominated writer, journalist (The Globe and Mail, Chicago Tribune) and television host of Discovery World’s Paris Next Stop. A Canadian now living in the City of Light, she previously led the popular Curious Minds series’ Inventing Modern Paris, Rebel Paris, Cafe Society and Learning from Paris.

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September 26: Influencers: How Paris Became a Hotbed for Global Style

Paris remains the antithesis of fast fashion, while being the style influencer of the planet. From Renaissance fashion face-offs to the radical remake of French identity initiated by Sun King Louis XIV, let’s look at how it happened.

October 3: Les Petites Mains: Art and Artisans in the City of the Light

How is style really made? With craft, tradition, and artistic commitment. The so-called "small hands" have always been the backbone of Parisian style and we'll take a closer look--from the costumes of Edgar Degas' ballerinas to the reconstruction of Notre Dame's roof.

October 10: Belle Laide: The Beauty in Imperfection

Supermodels, style-setters, and fashion runways in the City of Light. From radical Revolutionary fashionistas in the 1790s to the iconic jeans and Chanel jacket of Ines de la Fressange today, let’s talk about how Paris style has challenged and defined beauty.

October 24: Le Flâneur: The Walkable, Beautiful City

19th century Paris has essentially created an entire global urban planning style and Beaux Arts buildings are still a standard around the world. Let's stroll along the Grands Boulevards and take a closer look.

October 31: À Table: Eating as Art and Theatre

When is a table no longer just a table? The way Parisians serve food has impacted dining around the world. We’ll look at the evolution of iconic Parisian “arts de la table” from Queen Catherine de Medici’s interest in cutlery to Philippe Starck’s 2002 ghost chair.

November 7: Haute Couture: The Legacy and Future of Parisian Style

Global luxury brands are today’s economic powerhouse. But they come from a quintessential Parisian idea of style. Does Paris still have an impact? To wrap up the series, we’ll talk about the legacy of Karl Lagerfeld, and the future of Paris as a centre of style.