Alternative Facts Survival Guide: Our Nixon
Film Info
Run Time:87 min
Director(s):Penny Lane
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)
Featuring:Richard Nixon

Alternative Facts Survival Guide: Take heart! Today's best journalists arm you with the intellectual tools needed to decode a world of fake news.

Former George W. Bush speechwriter and senior editor at The Atlantic David Frum and former CBC Washington correspondent Alison Smith present this riveting documentary about the inner workings of the Nixon White House, featuring never-before-seen Super 8 home movie footage shot by Nixon's closest advisers.

After the film, Frum (joining us via Skype) and Smith will discuss what separates a successful White House from a dysfunctional one, what the press and Congress can do to halt government corruption, and what the Trump administration holds for the future of the conservative movement.

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"Ingenious" - The New York Times

"Damning and oddly hilarious." - AV Club