The Documentaries of Demme (+1): The Agronomist
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Run Time:90 min
Director(s):Jonathan Demme
Featuring:Jean Dominique
Ronald Reagan

The Documentaries of Demme (+1): A Tribute - We're playing seven of our favourite documentaries by the great Jonathan Demme (with one special bonus).

Nothing short of a modern day folk hero, Jean Dominique was a lovable eccentric and brilliant thinker who inspired his fellow Haitians for decades. An agronomist turned filmmaker turned journalist turned rebel radio DJ, Dominique paved a path all his own. He founded Haiti's first independent radio station, Radio Haïti Inter, and was the first to broadcast in the native Haitian Creole of his people. Director Jonathan Demme, a student of Haitian culture and history, follows both the trials and triumphs of his storied life and creates a worthy testament to his work, singular spirit and his uncompromsing idealism which serves as heartening inspiration in our troubled present. Featuring original music by Wycleaf Jean.

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“A loving elegy.” – A.V. Club

“Magnificent.” – The New York Times

“Chastening, illuminating and rightly affectionate.” – Time Out