The Documentaries of Demme (+1): Storefront Hitchcock
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Run Time:77 min
Director(s):Jonathan Demme

The Documentaries of Demme (+1): A Tribute - We’re playing seven of our favourite documentaries by the great Jonathan Demme (with one special bonus).

Stop Making Sense may be rightfully cited as Jonathan Demme’s greatest achievement and as the best concert movie of all time, but Storefront Hitchcock, his inventive collaboration with British pop songwriter Robyn Hitchcock, ought to be mentioned in the same company. Playing his guitar with his back to an open storefront, the background playfully interacts with performance throughout this eccentric music experience, featuring Hitchcock at the top of his game, both when he’s playing songs and during the banter in between that puts his sardonic wit on full display along with his musical genius.

Film subject Robyn Hitchcock joins us via Skype for a special introduction and post-screening discussion.

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“Simply conceived, beautifully wrought” – A.V. Club

“A completely compelling music-performance movie.” – Rolling Stone

"Brilliantly directed." – Fandor