The Documentaries of Demme (+1): Swimming to Cambodia
Film Info
Run Time:85 min
Director(s):Jonathan Demme
Featuring:Spalding Gray

The Documentaries of Demme (+1): A Tribute - We’re playing seven of our favourite documentaries by the great Jonathan Demme (with one special bonus).

Master monologist Spalding Gray delivers one of his most entertaining pieces with Swimming to Cambodia. Expounding on his eccentric experiences working as a supporting actor in the film The Killing Fields which was largely shot in Thailand, Gray delves into Southeast Asian history, drug use, romance, the absurdity of Hollywood productions and life back in New York. Director Jonathan Demme ups the ante with brilliantly subtle cinematic effects that punch up Gray’s imagery and delivery, resulting in yet another example of the filmmaker’s uncanny ability to enhance and complement artist’s performances.

Actor, playwright and director Daniel MacIvor, who wrote and starred in Who Killed Spalding Gray? which ran in Toronto this past winter, will join us for a post-screening discussion moderated by Toronto Star theatre critic, Carly Maga.

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“Engaging…sharp…deft.” – The New York Times