Tickling Giants
Film Info
Run Time:111 min
Director(s):Sara Taksler
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)
Cast:Bassem Youssef
Jon Stewart
Shadi Alfons

Known as the Egyptian Jon Stewart and hailed as a hero by other faux-pundits John Oliver and Samantha Bee, cardiologist-turned-comedian Bassem Youssef hosts The Show, a satirical news program that skewers politicians and holds them accountable. However, hosting such a show in Egypt amidst turmoil is a little different from hosting a show in the U.S. and Youssef finds himself not just under fire but potentially in danger. Able to create his show during the revolution, the documentary follows as a new dictatorship takes rise and threatens Youssef's new role in society. Hilarious and endearing, he's every bit as likable as his North American counterparts—and with so much more at stake.

Additional Information

“First-rate documentary.” – The New York Times 

“An ebullient ode to freedom…a terrific movie.” – Variety

“Fascinating…a vivid personal portrait.” – The Hollywood Reporter