The Documentaries of Demme (+1): Cousin Bobby
Hot Docs Ted Rogers CinemaFri, Jun 30 9:00 PM Not Available
Film Info
Run Time:70 min
Director(s):Jonathan Demme
Rating:Not yet rated (STC)
Featuring:Robert W. Castle
Jonathan Demme

The Documentaries of Demme (+1): A Tribute - We're playing seven of our favourite documentaries by the great Jonathan Demme (with one special bonus).

This under-seen gem is one of Jonathan Demme’s greatest and most personal films. What begins as a home movie–like portrait of his cousin “Bobby” (Rev. Robert W. Castle) transforms into an incisive view into the systemic oppression of impoverished minorities in America—that comes off as disconcertingly timely in our present day. Rev. Castle is an Episcopalian minister in Harlem who became a controversial figure from his ties with the Black Panther Party and involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. Inviting multiple faiths into his parish and standing up for those around him, “Cousin Bobby” and this film plays like a textbook on how to live in a community.

This screening will be introduced by film critic Tina Hassannia, contributor to National Post, The Globe and Mail,, CBC Arts and Village Voice.

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“Begging to be rediscovered.” – Fandor 

“A wide-ranging portrait of America.” – Time Out

“Runneth over with kindness…Pure Demme.” – Rolling Stone