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All the Time in the World
TIFF Bell Lightbox 4 Sat, Apr 28, 2018 12:30 PM
The filmmaker's family of five uproots to live in a remote corner of the Yukon for nine months, roughing it without electricity or running water as they pursue true connection and freedom from the structure of time.
Film Info
Country Listing:Canada
Festival Info
Festival Year:2018
Program Category:Redux
Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Hubert Davis
Producer(s):Erin Faith Young
Peter Starr
Executive Producer(s):Silva Basmajian
Editor(s):Hubert Davis
Writer(s):Hubert Davis
Cinematography:David Tennant
Composer:Fraser MacDougall
Dave Palmer
Sound:Curt Frisk
David Hechenberger


Hubert Davis's short is a personal quest to discover his father, former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, and, ultimately, himself. Structured in three parts—love, recollection and redemption—Davis's Oscar-nominated doc is about family, identity and facing the past to live in the present. Kiva Reardon