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Film Info
Country Listing:Morocco
Premiere Status:International Premiere
Festival Info
Festival Year:2019
Accessibility:Full Subtitles
Program Category:International Spectrum
Film Subjects:Advocacy & Activism
Agriculture & Fishing
Capitalism & Big Business
Ecology & the Environment
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Cast/Crew Info
Director(s):Nadir Bouhmouch
Producer(s):Movement on Road '96
Nadir Bouhmouch
Elias Terrass
Sophia Menni
Executive Producer(s):Local Film Committee of Imider
Editor(s):Maria Mocpat
Writer(s):The Community of Imider
Nadir Bouhmouch
Cinematography:Yassir Charak
Nadir Bouhmouch
Composer:The Community of Imider
Sound:Jalal El Guermai
Ghita Zouiten


In 2011, a group of villagers in the tiny outpost of Imider, Morocco, began a peaceful protest against the Managem silver mine. Seven years later, they continue to fight, occupying a water pipeline and interrupting the mine's ability to siphon local aquifers, pollute drinking water and dry out the Amazigh's almond groves. Their demands are basic: clean water, land and human rights. "We either get what's ours by right, or die trying": It's not a threat but a fact of life. Amussu doesn't trade in misery but hope, and focuses on the power of resilience, poetry and metaphor when confronting injustice. The protesters use creativity to deliver their message and their songs carry through the almond trees like prayers on the wind. Their success may not be evident unless you measure it in almonds, as the community welcomes their first harvest in exactly seven years, but maybe this is what divine justice looks like—the rewards of patience and persistence in a nutshell. Angie Driscoll

Co-presented with The Toronto Palestine Film Festival

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