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CBC Docs Industry Centre, 2nd Floor Tue, Apr 30, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Representatives from leading American networks ABC, PBS and WNET discuss the programs that make their brand, the viewers they target and the deals they make. In a world teeming with competition for audience eyes, find out what these public broadcasters are doing to attract the American public’s attention.


Heidi Fleisher, Acquisitions Consultant, France 2/25 Shades of Docs
Heidi Fleisher is an American documentary film producer, buyer and consultant who lives in Paris. She currently handles international acquisitions for France 2's creative documentary strand 25 Shades of Docs in addition to freelance consulting. Prior to that she worked as a development executive for LA-based Synthesis Films, as Head of International Sales and Acquisitions for ARTE Sales, as well as a producer and advisor providing creative, editorial and strategic consulting to filmmakers and producers.


Christopher Hastings, Executive Producer, WGBH - WORLD Channel
Christopher Hastings is the Executive-in-Charge and serves as Executive Producer and Editorial Manager of WORLD Channel and at PBS’s flagship producing station WGBH Boston. Hastings's responsibilities include broadcast and digital content development, acquisition and production; he also oversees the day-to-day operations of the channel in collaboration with WGBH's general manager for television. As Executive Producer, he is cocurator of the award-winning documentary series America ReFramed, Local, USA, and DOC World and has provided editorial oversight to most other original series on WORLD.

Terri Lichstein, Executive Producer, ABC
Terri Lichstein is an award-winning executive producer for ABC News, 20/20, Documentaries and Specials responsible for the development, production and management of long-form breaking news coverage and feature programs across the network and other multi-platform partners.

Lesley Norman, Executive Producer, National Programming
Lesley Norman is an experienced media executive who has worked for 30 years in production, content, and management. She currently oversees a portfolio of documentaries for national broadcast on PBS, including the recent special BOSS: The Black Experience In Business. Before moving to National Programming at WNET in 2014, she worked at WNET’s award-winning series American Masters. Prior to this, Lesley served as the Senior Producer for the Peabody award-winning PBS series 180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School. Lesley has received numerous honors for creative achievement including three Emmy awards for her work on NOW.