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Behind the Shutters

The poetic musings of the director, who moved into her grandmother's house while pregnant with her first child, offer a visually enchanting reverie about memory, women's bodies and the difficulties of intergenerational understanding.
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Confucian Dream

An aimless young wife and mother in China discovers Confucianism and becomes a zealous convert, intent on planting a seed in her impressionable four-year-old and resistant husband—but will her new values die on the vine?
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Daddy and the Warlord

Haunted by her father's secretive past, a journalist goes on a challenging journey through postwar Liberia to uncover his ties with infamous war criminal Charles Taylor, and risks shattering forever his image as her hero.
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Under the weight of Russian imperialism, a traditional Chechen dance company is caught between honouring the republic's warrior history and currying the favour of a newly installed pro-Russian political leader.
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The El Duce Tapes

The notorious frontman of shock-rock band The Mentors gained infamy in the '80s and '90s for donning black executioner hoods and spewing cartoonishly racist, homophobic and misogynistic lyrics—but was he propagating hate, or confronting it?
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A Haunted Past

In this solemn portrayal of a family broken by war, an embittered Tunisian father is left alone to raise his three teenage daughters after he is released from prison on charges of terrorism following the 1990s Bosnian War.
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"I Told My Mum I Was Going on an R.E. Trip…"

Fusing tough subject matter with wicked humour and inventive spoken word, this thought-provoking performative doc stages four young actresses playing interchangeable roles to recount real-life abortion experiences.
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Life Is a Belief

Although their paths may never cross, the lives of two men from Foshan, China mirror one another in their struggle for love and family. Facing separation, poverty and illness, their plights unfold side by side in this epic journey into the depths—and limits—of love.
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Lord of the Toys

A 20-year-old in Germany collects hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers by way of cracking offensive jokes, getting drunk and humiliating others on video in this dystopian sketch of a generation who never knew the world without social media.
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Massacre River

When over 200,000 Dominicans of Haitian descent are left stateless after the country rules their citizenship invalid, violence and unchecked xenophobia erupts, and one woman races to gain legal status to stay with her daughter before the clock runs out.
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The Sound of Masks

A beautiful blend of archival and contemporary footage portrays one man's lifelong pursuit to preserve Mozambique's anti-colonial history through traditional dance, in a testament to the role of the arts in preserving Indigenous stories.
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To Share or Not to Share

A squash coach abandons his successful career in London to launch a barter-based community in Estonia, but his food co-operative and tantric "energy sessions" are met with growing skepticism by locals. Is his newfound ethos credible or come-on?
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When one of his beloved dingoes falls gravely ill, a reclusive Serbian-Australian writer in Melbourne delves into painful memories and his life's work, revealing a personal tragedy that speaks to Australia's colonial past.
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